Saturday, November 21, 2009

Runescape Classic Home

RuneScape Classic (sometimes reffered as RSC, RS1 or RS Classic), was publicly released on 4 January 2001, and is the first version of RuneScape. It was replaced on 29 March 2004, with what was then known as RuneScape 2, now commonly called RuneScape. On November 11, 2009, Classic was reopened to RuneScape Members. Any member's account that would sign up in the two week period after the reopening would have future access to Runescape Classic after the deadline.

To this day, many players have returned to RSC, and is for many people much more enjoyable than runescape hd. This is because the original classic game has remained unchanged, while in runescape hd, some of the most fun aspects of the game have been hampered in an effort to eliminate real world trading.

This page will be updated with guides and articles pertaining to the good old' classic game.

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