Saturday, October 29, 2011


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This question will stump all Runescape Players. We are going to find out the answer and reveal it to the world once and for all!

We are about to explore the "hidden" side of Jagex in this mind-intriguing article. The sources and evidence you are about to see may or may not be fictional and it entirely depends on whether you would like to believe it or not.

Jagex, the makers of the World Popular Runescape, as you might know, are a well established company that has won numerous awards in the UK. But don't be fooled. Under all these achievements and awards, there is an evil truth.

We are going to present to you the evidences of Satanism, or Illuminatism in Jagex. We are going deep inside the hidden doors to find out the ultimate truth!

1. Location: Barrows

When you're in "software"graphics mode, and you go to the north-east room with the rocks in it, turn your camera north-east and look at the flooring towards the north-east corner of the room. You will see a sign depicting that of Illuminatism. Perhaps it is symbolic, but that's to add effect to the game and to make the barrows seem more realistic.

2. The Prayer Interface: Full of Illuminati Symbols!

The Ancient Staff and it's Symbol :

Ancient means Pagan.

4. The similarity of the Maps in Runescape and the US, Jekyll Island

See the similarity? If not, see the picture below...

5. The Eye of the Illuminati in RUNESCAPE!

This is "The All Seeing Eye"  (They Eye outside Gypsy Arie's Tent in Varock Square.)
Notice that THIS IS NOT A STATUE, when you walk by the EYE KEEPS OBSERVING PEOPLE

Notice how these monsters are looking down?

This is the photo booth in Draynor; .... Again, this could be "The All Seeing Eye"

These could be just pure coincidence but who knows?

Masonic Symbol in Court Cases Minigame:

Did you see it? Well the symbol is below:

So we have come to the end of this mind-boggling article. You maybe believe or not this content. But, the truth may come out sooner or later...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Introducing The Lava Maze Lure

When you go p-king, do you go to rune rocks in level 46 wilderness? If you have then you know how thrilling it gets! It's thrilling because you often find yourself involved in do-or-die situations! This post though is about discussing a new luring method at the lava maze. Take a look at the map on the right;

The Lava Maze
By the way, to get things cleared, it does not involve luring holiday rare items. Though, if you do it right and on busy worlds, you should get a consistent amount of kills, and that adds up.

Do you see the Blue spot on the map?? That is where all, or most of the action starts at. The valuable rune ores to be mined (right at the blue spot) attracts plenty of pkers on the lookout for a miner. This spot can be often populated, especially on busy worlds like world 3 or 1 (the most competitive ones though). This lure requires you to have at least on friend, or your other account to be standing there.

Combat level requirement : Works at a wide range of combat levels. If lower combat, consider bringing some magic. Also, this trick works slightly better at low & mid combat levels (combat 20 to 70)

So bring an account on that green dot with fancy armor. You can have him wear almost any fancy armor, be it full rune in gold or trimmed or golden green dragon hide. My favorite would be fancy (g) or (t) mage robes. Maging is easier and more fun. With magic you can bind people over the river, attack them, you can telegrab food or items on the ground... think about it!

So your job is is simple in itself. You will simply stand there and serve as an 'apetizer' for people that are on the other side of the river. Your fancy armor will draw their attention. If it doesn't, then mage them, or range them!  (depending on what you're using). Trust me, a good bunch of people will be raging while you are wasting their food and will just go find you provided they have a weapon with slashing weapon.

If they are a pure, or if they have low defence, they will most likely run through the lava maze, not wanting to get hit by the dark knights -- and they hit pretty hard on 1 def by the way. And let me tell you ; by the time they get to successfully slash the webs (while getting attacked by knights) waste food, run back and forth the maze trying to find the path leading to you, they will be half dead already. Imagine someone coming to you that is half dead and no run left -- it's a dream scenario. But let me tell you that many players loose judgement when motivated by greed. On top of that, the webs will start closing soon, and they will need to re-slash them, if they even make it there.

But what if the person does get to you and have full food because he/she has good defence? Then fight that person till you die on your appetizer account, and log right back in on a second account that you will have brought there. You should be able to finish the job.

Another method to lure                                             
Also another way to do it (works better if you've got good defence), would be to find someone, have him attack you and then run all the way to where the green dot on the map is. Then, turn on him for a fight. If you have half food left, and some good pvp skills then you should be comfortable enough to take him out on your second account waiting there.

Comments, Ideas, Opinions, Wilderness meet ups and the like are always welcome... Good night everyone!