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Runescape Classic Pure account making Guide

With the re-opening of runescape classic, many new rsc players including myself have come to enjoy the game and start building up our accounts. I have searched for a runescape classic pure/account making guide but have not found one - so I decided making one for the runescape classic community. After having interviewed many rsc pkers and pures as well as doing some extensive searching on the web and simultaneously testing the knowledge myself, I have come up with a starter's guide to runescape classic pure and staker account making guide. Note; as more people start leaving comments and tips, it will be updated and more rsc guides will be made.
* Some people complain about the graphics in rsc, and because of this, refuse to play the game. In my opinion, the graphics and gameplay in runescape classic have their own little charm. I have myself come to enjoy runescape classic much more than runescape hd - and I suggest you give it a try while you still can.

The Goals of making a Pure or Staker in Runescape Classic

Player versus player fighting is for a lot of people one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. Making a pure, tanker, or any sort of strategically trained account in order to be a more competitive wilderness pker (player killer) or staker/dueler is a wise decision to take.

A good goal for any pker or staker - or both - would be to become so good in what they're doing (pking/staking) that they would make enough money to no longer have to rely on other boring money making methods, and instead, keep their favorite habbit self-sustainable. Keep in mind that food, armor, runes, arrows, potions, etc, can become very expensive - especially if you're not productive enough to get a return on your investment. Remaining profitable is a constant challenge and is not easy to achieve - but if you play your cards right, you might just become the next rich staker/wilderness pker, so read on.

The different types of accounts and stats to get

There are multiple types of account setups to go for, some of them are; A tank dueler, mage with defense, mage with 1 defense, mage/melee hybrid, range melee hybrid, and 1 defence melee pure. I will attempt to cover all of these but focus more on melee pures, since they are convenient to make, and can be played with success both in the wilderness and in duelling.

The Different types of 1 defense pures meleers

The main purpose of remaining at 1 defense is to minimize one's combat level while trying to achieve high offensive stats capable of serious damage. The motto of a 1 defense pure is that "the best defense is the attack!" - and it holds true in some cases. Here are different setups with 1 defense

Rune 2h pure                                             Rune 2h pure with prayer
40 attack                                                   40 attack
1 defense                                                   1 defense
1 magic                                                      1 magic
1 prayer                                                     4/13/31/34 prayer
99 strength (or highest)                               99 strength (or highest)

This type of pure trains and fights with a r2h which is pretty accurate. The one with 1 prayer can have better opportunities when staking/duelling, for instance if the "no prayer" box is checked and his opponent does have prayer, then he starts with an advantage. At higher levels however (75 strength +) prayer will come in useful in the wilderness, so it will be your decision whether to get or not depending if you like to stake more or go player-killing.

Dragon Longsword Pure
60 attack
1 defense
1 magic
1-4-13-31-34 prayer
99 strength (or highest)

The dragon longsword is the best weapon available for 1 defense pures - although statistically it does not look much stronger than the r2h. The 20 extra attack levels cost aproximately 5 combat levels and could be good for staking by making you hit more often on armor. Training strenght would be a little easier when compared to a r2h pure, and would hit more easily through defense. Getting prayer is up to you depending if you like staking or pking more.
Lower attack pures

1/5/10/20/30 attack
1 defense
1 magic (or mid-high magic)
1 prayer
 low or high strength

While these are not designed for player-killing in the wilderness, they are pures in the making. I have found that a lot of players like to postpone their training to try their luck in lower level duelling. If you are one of them, then watch out for "defence noobs" disguised in iron armor. If lower level staking works out good, but if not then move on. Also note that 8 magic levels costs only 1 combat level, and thus mages are very strong at lower levels. The problem though is that most stakers check the "no magic"option.

The notion of "wined" Pures

The terms "wined pure" and "wined attack" are used to describe the instance when attack has been trained on dummies with the use of wine or beer, and no hp xp has been gained. In runescape classic, dummies give 5 attack xp per hit, and you may use them so long as your current attack is 7 or lower - use wine and beers to lower it. Training attack this way is popular amongst pkers because some do not want to gain combat levels from hitpoints.

How to remain 1 defense in Runescape Classic

By default, each and every time when you log into runescape classic the "controlled" attack function is set by default. If you want to remain at level 1 defense, you cannot use the defensive or controlled attack mode (they both give defense xp). Unlike rs hd, you cannot change your attack style anytime, you can only change that when engaged in combat. Furthermore, you only receive xp after you have killed a monster-npc.

So if you log on and want to train strength while keeping defense at 1, you would attack something and then quickly click on the aggressive option before you manage to kill the monster you were attacking. When you kill the thing that you were attacking, you will receive the xp depending to what the last option was selected - so for example if you logged on, clicked and attacked a lesser demon, changed the "controlled" attack option style to "aggressive" and then the lesser demon died, you would receive strength xp at that same moment. (If you still don;t understand, let me know and I will attempt to re-explain it in other words)

Furthermore, here are some important tips to not get that accidental 2 defense
  • Attack things that you cannot kill in 1 hit; if your max hit is a 5, then attack npc's with higher than 5 hp. If you happen to kill something with the first hit (a chicken let's say), you WON'T  have time to switch attack styles and will receive xp from the controlled style. So after logging in, remember to never attack things that you can kill within 1 hit. 
  • When logging in and before attacking something, remove your weapon, amulet and any strength boosting (weapon power) object. This way you will hit lower and less accurately at first, thus giving you more time to switch to aggressive.
  • Also, if you are still scared and want to take even extra steps, then you can first wait to get to 100% fatigue (can be achieved by skilling). When reaching 100% fatigue, you will no longer gain any xp from anything and will then be able to freely fight with any attack option you wish.
Quests for a Runescape Classic pure:
Underground Pass ; gives 3k attack experience, and gives the klank gauntlets which are a must for any serious player. They give 2 weapon power, aswell as a little attack and defense bonus.

Other types of stakers or pkers you can make (with or without 1 defense) 

I think that making a 1 defense pure melee pure would be the best of both worlds, because it can be a good player killer and staker in same time - while if you make a dueller with high defense you won't be a very good pker, and will probably get bored from duelling. Here are some ideas of accounts

1 Defense Pure with 40 attack and high magic;

High magic and high strength combined with 1 defense would probably be a deadly combination in the wilderness since one would be able to attack with those two powers in same time, causing double the damage. In duelling this account could either not be that good - probably because many people would not want to stake with the magic option on - but on the other side it would be interesting to see the fights against mage tankers, or yet again higher leveled meleers that would accept to fight with magic on. Making an account like this is definitely worth a consideration - even if I have not yet seen anyone else with these stats (1 def, high strength and mage)

Melee Tankers

These are usually built with duelling in mind. They have higher defense and attack with lower strenght. They have only one goal in mind; to win a stake. Take them to the wilderness and you will find it hard to get any kill.

Mage Tankers

Mage tankers can be pretty common at lower levels (lvl 5-30). They usually have a very high magic level and also a considerable defence level. They are especially strong at low levels since 8 magic levels account for only 1 combat level.

All round, impure, or "mains"

I suggest you do not make an account with all round stats, you should build it strategically. Before starting a quest, look at the rewards in advance on quest guides and make sure you are not getting xp that you don't want; ex. def, prayer or magic xp.

A note on Duelling/Staking

Staking is not only about the stats. It is also about having a good "poker face". If you have 20 defence, then walk around dressed in full iron. If you are a melee pure, you might want to wear mage stuff to look like you are "impure". If you have 40 attack and 10 strenght, you might want to wield a black two handed sword for instance, and then switch it for your rune one when the duel has started. A picture is worth a thousand words, and misleading your opponents is a good way to win stakes.

Well I hope that you enjoyed this guide, It was intended to be a brief guide for newcommers to runescape classic. Feel free to post your comments, opinions, and tips as it will be added to the guide. Stay tuned for more Runescape Classic guides in the future!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice that someone made an effort to writing a guide, thank you.

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cool guide thanks

Purple 0wnz said...

Runescape classic was created in 1998 But was released to the Public in 1999. Making this guide 10 years old? If people still play this 10 year old game and do not know the roots and brains of it, they need to try a Different game.

Alexander said...

Purple, I remember that I started playing back in 04' as rs2 was released. I miss some of the old rs2 days, and recently re-joining rs classic has brought some of that nostalgia back. I think that It's nice nonetheless for people to learn rs classic for the first time.

As for this guide, sorry if some experienced rsc players already knew all that info, next time I will dub ''Beginner'' In the title or something. And yea, if your name is really Purple 0wnz, then nice pk vids, keep them comming!

It Should Be Cheating said...

Before I give my opinion I would like to say that people don't seem to be commenting on the actual article itself.
So to start I would like to say that this guide is a good one as it seems to go into the depths of making the account and has a lot of content. I think you may want to improve it by adding techniques of actually pking. This is a very help full piece of knowledge that even quite experienced players don't seem to know.
You may also want to include how the players will want to actually level themselves up at the start of playing so they can find there feet. (If you like you can look at my blog for some pointers).
Overall a good guide and I would recommend for people to read it if they are considering making a pure.

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